New Website


Dear All,


I am trying to put together a new website for HDNUG.

It can be found here

Please check it out and leave some feedback.





4 Responses to “New Website”

  1. David Burela Says:

    We had dedicated websites for HDNUG before but it just seemed not worth the effort. All that really needs to be there is a news feed which is why i created this blog instead, getting news out is all that is needed. powerpoint slides can be included in the posts

  2. Lance Says:

    Any news on this months (Feb) HDNUG?

  3. Ferinannnd Says:

    Красавчег! Пиши исчё!

  4. leonardvargas94840 Says:

    HAHA this entry has made me very amused. Well there are like billions of songs about sex some are just more subtle and some are just….not – the best e Click

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