March HDNUG Recap


Wednesday evening saw another Hobart .Net User Group meeting with a presentation on K2[blackPearl] by Jey Srikantha. This month we had the presentation in the Mezzanine Boardroom at Wrest Point which worked well as a venue, thanks must go to Microsoft and The Federal Group for their ongoing support covering the cost of the venue and food for these events.

Unfortunately Jey’s laptop wasn’t playing nice and after trying 2 projectors and an LCD monitor Jey had to perform his presentation using only his laptop. Fortunately we were a small group (8 attendees) and Jeys presentation was very engaging. The “workshop” style presentation sitting around a laptop seemed to encourage more questions and made the evening quiet interactive. 8 people did prove a few too any to sit around a laptop though as the screen was a bit hard to see at times so probably not an approach we will take voluntarily in the future 🙂

Although it was fortunate given our lack of projector it was disappointing to see numbers low again as it would be good to see 20+ attendees at these events to ensure we continue to attract quality presenters. I welcome suggestions from anyone on ways to reach more people or to make the events more attractive.

My summary of Jey’s presentation;

Jey presented the predecessor to K2[blackPearl] (K2.Net) to us early last year and this new version is certainly a very complete and user friendly technology. K2[blackPearl] is essentially a workflow/BPM product that extends WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) and provides the user with a range of ways to create orchestrations including within Visual Studio, Visio and K2’s own application. The philosophy behind the suite is to allow non-technical business users to solve their own needs using lego style building blocks in a drag and drop designer. These blocks include a comprehensive base set provided by K2 and custom ones built by the ICT department supporting the end user or third parties. Workflows can be initiated by a number of inputs including ASPX forms, Emails, Info Path forms etc.

Once workflows are built they are deployed to a central K2 server where they can be monitored and reported on using a suite of web based tools provided by K2. These tools are designed to allow business users to develop there own reports and monitor the state of their own workflows.

K2’s website is and he regularly blogs at


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