March Email 2- Additional Event


Hi everyone,
Charles Sterling has agreed to do a presentation on Windows Vista for developers this Tuesday. This is a special chance to learn specific details on the internals of Vista, as well as the new development APIs available to developers. Please note the half hour shift, all HDNUG presentations will now start earlier.

Date: Tuesday 3rd April
Time: 6:00pm Nibbles & Mingle
6:30pm Presentation by Charles Sterling

Location: WrestPoint Casino, Wellington Room
Cost: Free

During the day there is a Ready summit for Windows Vista and Office 2007
This will run from 8:30am-2pm

Also, I have organised the next few events well in advance, so advising everybody of the topics and dates.
Tuesday, April 24th: David Glover(Microsoft), Webparts and SharePoint 2007
Tuesday, May 29th: David Hall(University of Tasmania), Microsoft Robotics studio and Lego Mindstorm NXT
Tuesday, June 26th: Jey Srikantha(K2), K2.NET. + a 30minute space available to ANYBODY willing to create and do their own presentation.

Please email me if you would like a chance to present at a HDNUG event, either the 30minute slot, or for a full event. Rowan Miller volunteered to do March’s presentation and David Hall has volunteered for May.

David Burela


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