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October email

October 19, 2006

In September we had a presentation giving an overview on Web Services (the slides are available on our website). This month we have Dave Glover from Microsoft flying down to present on WCF (WIndows Communication Foundation). WCF can be loosely thought of as “Next generation Web Services”. It is part of the new .NET 3.0 framework coming out by the end of the year.

Speaker: David Glover (Microsoft)
Date: Tuesday 31st October
6:30 nibbles & mingle
7pm Presentation
Location: Wrest Point Casino, Green Room
Cost: Free

In other news: The news page of the HDNUG website ( has been redeveloped to allow for easier news posting, and also to allow people to post comments. But the big exciting change is that it now has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to. Meaning you can get the latest news on events or when presentaiton slides are available. Firefox has inbuilt support for RSS feeds, and IE7/Vista will have it built in if you are using them. Go to the hdnug website to see these changes

More info on RSS feeds is available from

David Burela

Additional information on WCF can be found at

A quick blub on WCF from

It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture. Advanced Web services support in Windows Communication Foundation provides secure, reliable, and transacted messaging along with interoperability. The service-oriented programming model of Windows Communication Foundation is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and simplifies development of connected systems. Windows Communication Foundation unifies a broad array of distributed systems capabilities in a composable and extensible architecture, spanning transports, security systems, messaging patterns, encodings, network topologies, and hosting models. Windows Communication Foundation will be available for Windows Vista(tm) as well as for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.”


Slides from september have been uploaded

October 19, 2006

The slides from september are ready for you all to download

introduction to image processing in C.ppt