September 2006 Event


I will be doing a quick 30 minute talk on Web Services for beginners. Targeted at anybody who may not yet know what a Web Service is or how they work. I will also show “How to make a web service in 5 minutes, and use it”. So if you have a team mate, or a manager that needs to be shown, bring them along.

Christian Graus will cover image processing using C#, with topics such as different colour spaces, per pixel filters, convolution and displacement filters, and how get the best possible performance from image processing code in .NET using C#. This should be around an hour.

Location: Wrest Point Casino, Executive Board Room **
Cost: Free
Date: Tuesday 26th September
6:30pm nibbles and mingle
7:00pm David Burela – Web services
7:30pm Christian Graus – Image processing

**How to get to the Executive boardroom.
Walk through the main entrance of Wrest Point (Big glass turning doors), turn to the right and go up the stairs towards where Regines used to be. Turn right, walk down the corridor, turn right again and go across the glass walkway.


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