Old website archive – 2006


August Event Cancelled (26/08/2006)

Our August event has been cancled due to the main speak having a prior engagment.

July Event (14/07/2006)

Darren from readify is coming down to Hobart to talk about the new WinFX api.

Introduction to the .net 3.0 framework
This introductory session will start with an Overview of Windows Vista and show how Windows Vista is fundamentally different from earlier versions of Windows, Windows Vista introduces development advances that help developers create next-generation applications that take full advantage of Windows Vista, including:

· WinFX: A managed-code programming model
· Windows Presentation Foundation: The Microsoft unified presentation subsystem for Windows
· Windows Workflow Foundation
· Windows Communication Foundation: The next-generation Web services technology by Microsoft

The session will pay particular attention to a technology called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WPF introduces significant changes such as being able to take advantage your video card’s power and being able to be written in a simple XML based mark up language called XAML. We will walk through the this new runtime, the mark up language XAML and the new development paradigms being introduce like coding into panels that can automatically flow your controls, animations and even video; demo’s will be done from both Visual Studio 2005 and Sparkle

June Event (13/06/2006)

David Glover has organised to bring down a slightly reduced version of the Security sessions that Microsoft toured around mainland Australia earlier this year, and so with his help we were able to present these sessions down here in Tasmania.

Date: Wednesday 21st June
Location: Wrest point casino, the green room.
Cost: FREE
4pm-4:30 Gathering and mingling with Morning tea.
4:30-5:30 Session1: Privacy, Security, and Compliance
5:30-6:30 Session2: Protect your Applications
6:30-7:00 Break with Canapes to be served
7:00-8:00 Session3: Application Development Principles and Best Practices
8:00-9:00 Session4: Creating Reliable and Robust Applications with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

Summary of Sessions
Privacy, Security, and Compliance: What you need to know NOW!
In this session we’ll discuss the SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) and the role developers and architects are expected to play during the SDL. In addition the session will cover potential regulatory requirements that affect the security/privacy needs of an application and drill into the ‘development’ challenges, for example, encryption of data.

Protect your Applications: Strategies that Can be Applied to Applications
This session will demonstrate strategic security principals via the process of threat modeling. We’ll explain how threat models provide developers/architects an advantage over hackers by enabling them to document and mitigate against threats and vulnerabilities posed by their application design and purpose.

The session will also cover
* The threat modeling process employed at Microsoft
* The tool used to develop these threat models

Application Development Principles and Best Practices
This principles and best practices session will cover how to identify threats/vulnerabilities posed by the application’s design as well as documenting mitigations to these vulnerabilities. This module will provide the actual ‘code’ for the mitigation techniques.

Creating Reliable and Robust Applications with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005
As perfect as humans are, tools can take us further down the track to building more secure and reliable applications. This session will highlight reliability and security features in Visual Studio Team System and show how some hacks could have been prevented.

May Event summary (12/06/2006)

Adam Cogan did a great job of presenting to us what Team Foundation Server is and how easy it is to extend and customise your own environment if TFS does not cover the metrics you need.

May Event (10/05/2006)

Adam Cogan is flying down to talk about “Visual Studio Team Systems”
Adam’s Bio: http://www.ssw.com.au/SSW/Employees/employeesXML.aspx

Location: Wrest Point Casion, Green room
Time: 6:30 gathering. 7pm talk

Making VSTS integrate into your current systems How a bugtracking system works
* Database
How Task List works
* How Work Items work
* Database
See the Excel example
* Trace the web services
* Tracethe SQL via profiler
Now make your bug tracking system
* Enter into TFS
* Call the object model
Now make TFS enter into your bug tracking system
* Look at the events that are raised
* Call the object model (or web service) of your bug tracking system
* Merge Replication
* DTS packages
* Triggers – C#

New Website Launched (09/05/2006)

The orignal website created by Sean was unfortunately not able to be updated any more, so we’ve been websiteless for a while. But thanks to the people at www.fueladvance.com we were given some new space for hosting.



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