Old website archive – 2005


October Event (17/10/2005)

After a 3 month hiatus we’ll be meeting again on Tuesday the 25th of October. Visual Studio Team System is the theme. Plus a bunch of door prizes including >JetBrains.NET Power Pack Licenses.

July Event Cancelled (25/07/2005)

With only one person registering we have been forced to cancel this months user group meeting.

July Event (19/07/2005)

We have Dave Lemphers coming down to Hobart to talk all things BizTalk, InfoPath, and Web Services!

June Event (21/06/2005)

The June event is planned for the 28th. Christian Graus will be talking about the new features we will find in .NET 2.0/Whidbey

Darren Neimke – IBF (17/05/2005)

Darren Neimke is travelling on over from the mainland to present on the Information Bridge Framework.

The Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework is a set of tools and technologies that use these capabilities to extend the Microsoft Office System, enabling information workers to view and act on business data from within the familiar Microsoft Office System programs.

Using the Information Bridge Framework, developers can build solutions that enrich Microsoft Office documents, providing relevant information and related actions within the context of the process or subject. Together with Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition, Information Bridge enables developers or solution providers to connect an organization’s documents quickly and efficiently to its existing back-office systems, with no need to replace hardware or software.


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